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GB-9721974-D0: Construction fitting patent, GB-9723997-D0: Information gathering system patent, GB-9724367-D0: Multi-channel random access communications system patent, GB-9725382-D0: Improved collector for solar energy patent, GB-9725435-D0: Head drum assembly having a grooved bearing and apparatus for assembling the bearing and a stationary drum patent, GB-9726190-D0: Angular displacement calibration apparatus patent, GB-9726204-D0: Percussive tool patent, GB-9727093-D0: Dual metal seal for wellhead housing patent, GB-9727206-D0: Water bed patent, GB-9800086-D0: Solid fuel container patent, GB-9801308-D0: Receiver/modulator patent, GB-9801967-D0: Measurement device for infrared absorption patent, GB-9802004-D0: Child safety seat patent, GB-9802308-D0: Upholstery to furniture fastener system patent, GB-9802667-D0: A coding system patent, GB-9803204-D0: Tamper-evident seal patent, GB-9803970-D0: Method of applying a corrosion-resistant coating patent, GB-9804326-D0: Bicycle coupling device patent, GB-9804391-D0: Lamp assembly patent, GB-9804733-D0: Load sense hydraulic system patent, GB-9804780-D0: Microtome patent, GB-9805907-D0: Method for inverting a folded collation patent, GB-9806444-D0: Food patent, GB-9806507-D0: Enhanced bandwidth antennas patent, GB-9806526-D0: Flow guide patent, GB-9806996-D0: Apparatus for securing a roll patent, GB-9807097-D0: Processing image data patent, GB-9807357-D0: Acoustic coding patent, GB-9807441-D0: Washing-up block patent, GB-9807457-D0: Purging means for purging upwards in ring spacing between drill pipe and bore hole wall patent, GB-9807510-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-9807997-D0: Automated streamer production patent, GB-9808536-D0: Play ball patent, GB-9808688-D0: Method of making electricity supply installations patent, GB-9809620-D0: Illuminating device for calling attention for handicapped persons patent, GB-9809989-D0: Rotating brush arrangement for vacuum cleaner patent, GB-9810362-D0: Apparatus for testing allergies patent, GB-9810741-D0: Monitoring treatment using implantable telemeric sensors patent, GB-9812003-D0: Internal combustion engines patent, GB-9812404-D0: Location apparatus and method in a mobile telecommunications system patent, GB-9812496-D0: Process for production of a structure of colour filter layer system patent, GB-9812566-D0: Breathable and moisture wicking covered rubber and neoprene articles patent, GB-9812619-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-9813399-D0: The complete razor patent, GB-9813477-D0: Combination device for ground care patent, GB-9814039-D0: Materials and methods relating to the prevention or treatment of ischaemia-reperfusion injury patent, GB-9814644-D0: Lip contour signal reconstruction method patent, GB-9814760-D0: Icubator for hatching the eggs of birds patent, GB-9815589-D0: A powertrain control system patent, GB-9815668-D0: Garden patio slab levelling system patent, GB-9815965-D0: Heat setting of fabrics patent, GB-9817101-D0: Polymerisation process patent, GB-9817223-D0: Venting of plastics lined pipelines patent, GB-9817231-D0: Electric cable joints,methods of making them and cables for use in the method patent, GB-9817846-D0: Water economiser patent, GB-9817882-D0: Silver halide light-sensitive elememt patent, GB-9818442-D0: Improvements in concrete floors patent, GB-9819264-D0: Plaything patent, GB-9819845-D0: Contract support system and contract support method patent, GB-9820990-D0: Redialing apparatus for portable telephone patent, GB-9821949-D0: Radio receivers patent, GB-9821962-D0: Advertising indicia patent, GB-9822427-D0: Stirrer patent, GB-9823034-D0: Isolation of parasites patent, GB-9823454-D0: Ireland The A barrier cream comprising hexamethylenetetramine or derivative thereo patent, GB-9823849-D0: Foot pedals patent, GB-9824380-D0: Drilling apparatus patent, GB-9824609-D0: Video signal interruptor patent, GB-9824745-D0: Cleaning heads and adaptors for use therewith patent, GB-9824939-D0: Amide derivatives patent, GB-9825581-D0: Location of faults in electric cables patent, GB-9825837-D0: Tmca patent, GB-9825887-D0: Pump motor control in electro-hydraulic braking systems patent, GB-9825950-D0: Repositionable and/or slippable self-adhesive articles patent, GB-9826118-D0: Semiconductor device and manufacturing method for same patent, GB-9826642-D0: Lift arm for a work machine having extended height and enhanced stability patent, GB-9827172-D0: Improvements relating to vehicle disc brakes patent, GB-9827399-D0: System and method for marking and screening calls e.g telephone calls patent, GB-9828720-D0: Apparatus and method for processing video images patent, GB-9900130-D0: Vehicle speed monitor system patent, GB-9900420-D0: Monitoring system patent, GB-9901002-D0: The enforcer patent, GB-9902476-D0: Burner for fabricating aerosol doped waveguides patent, GB-9902748-D0: Improved centrifugal evaporator patent, GB-9903892-D0: Methods and compositions for increased transfection efficiency patent, GB-9903900-D0: Data encoding/decoding device and apparatus using the same patent, GB-9904475-D0: Scaffolding attachment patent, GB-9904476-D0: Recycling of floor coverings patent, GB-9904770-D0: Apparatus and method for compression of data patent, GB-9904832-D0: Film or foil dispenser patent, GB-9905056-D0: Computing apparatus & methods of operating computer apparatus patent, GB-9906443-D0: Magnetic immersion lenses patent, GB-9906625-D0: Coupling device for power line communications patent, GB-9906985-D0: Tensioning pulley patent, GB-9907775-D0: A street bin patent, GB-9908346-D0: Shadow mask in color CRT patent, GB-9909278-D0: Braking of railway trains patent, GB-9909576-D0: The Beer tower patent, GB-9909741-D0: Improvements in containers for compact discs patent, GB-9909856-D0: Chlorotrifluorine gas generator system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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